I try to go the Virgin Active Gym in Milton Keynes gym around 3 times a week, after work or at weekends and for the occasional run around Willen Lake in Milton Keynes.

A big tip here - the standard membership fee for Virgin Active is £55 per month. Because I work for Deloitte, I can get a company discounted rate of £44 per month (still very expensive!). However I found out that if you join the gym via PruHealth, you can get a really good discount. I am currently paying £7 per month (on top of £25 per month for PruHealth health insurance - which is nice to have anyway!). So I'm paying a total of £32 per month!

Gyms are okay (especially when it is cold and wet outside) and good for overall fitness, but I do prefer to do other sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking when possible.

My kit list:

Clothing: Nike DriFit
Heart Rate Monitor : Polar F6
Trail Shoes: LaFuma Active Trial Pro

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