Pauls Face - Snowboarding in Les Menuires, France

I started snowboarding in October 2006. learning in the SnoZone slope in the Xscape building in Milton Keynes. It has 2 main slopes and a training slope with artificially made, real snow.

After 4 lessons there I achieved 'recreational' standard (well actually I had to retake lesson 4 and I also did lesson 5).


2007 (27th January - 3rd February), Les Menuires, France

I went on the Snowboard Club UK '2007 Winter Bash' in Les Menuires, France with around 100 other people! I took a few photographs. I was impressed with how I was able to get up and ride straight away - proving that my time at Xscape had paid off.


2007 (1st - 11th December), St. Anton, Austria

I went with 2 fellow members of SCUK - Scott and Brian (I didn't know either and only met Brian for a quick hello a couple of weeks before we went!) to St. Anton in Austria. It was the start of the season, but we were very lucky with the amount of snow - the best snow they have had in 30+ years! We stayed in the ground floor of someones house in Pettneu which was a 15 minute bus ride away. As you can see from this map (which includes webcams), there are plenty of runs in and around St. Anton. Here are some photographs of the experience.

To get there I:

Paul Snowboarding in St. Anton, Austria

I am a full paying member of Snowboard Club UK.

Paul snowboarding


My list of snowboarding kit includes:

Bindings: Rome 390 (2007)
Boots: Salomon F24 (2008)
Gloves: Level Half Pipe (2008)
Goggles: Oakley Wisdom - Snow and Rock Exclusive White Frames with Blue Iridium and Persimmon lenses
Outerwear: Helly Hansen Mens Logan 5 Collective - Limited Edition

Icon Wallpaper 164 (2007)

Palmer Flash Twin (2008)


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