Running is great for overall fitness, plus it's good fun. What I like about it is that it's all you - no vehicles (e.g. bike, car, snowboard). Plus if I enter Adventure Races, running is always a key part.

Having said that, you can still involve a lot of technology in it.

I have 2 types of shoes - one pair designed for road running and another pair designed for trail (off-road) running.

I got both sets of shoes from AROSports in Harpenden - the staff their are excellent. For the road shoes, they put me on a treadmill, filmed my feet as I jogged and then got me to try on some shoes based on how I ran.

In my road shoes (Nike) I have a Nike+ pedometer which links wirelessly to my iPod Nano.

It records my runs and also allows other Nike+ users to challenge me to a run.

I don't use the Nike+ system when I am running competitively, only when training.

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