.:Mountain Biking:.

There are not many mountains in Buckinghamshire or Northamptonshire, but trust me - there are plenty of hills!

Since the age of 3 when I first took my stabalisers off, I have always like cycling. When I worked at Barclays Bank PLC, a small group of us used to go biking around the forests of Northamptonshire every Wednesday evening which was great fun. Now I compete in adventure races (which mainly comprise of 5-6 hours of running and biking) I've stepped it up a gear.

On 10th January 2009 I bought myself a Giant Anthem X1 which is a serious, full suspension cross country style mountain bike. At the time of purchase it got all of the best reviews in magazines, mainly because it is light in weight, although still a very sturdy bike, great quality components, feels very quick to ride and is very controllable. More details about how and why I bought it in my blog.

Giant Anthem X1

My previous bike was a hard-tail Orange Evo 2 Ltd Edition in 2003 (made in England) which I am keeping as a spare - also I'm letting my brother Kevin look after it :-)

For training/fun I usually go biking in Milton Keynes, Northampton and Rutland Water.

Paul in Rutlant Water car park - getting ready to go cycling

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