.:Paintball Terminology:.

Barrel bung/plug This is used to clog up the barrel of your marker when you are not on the field of play so that even if your marker is fired accidentally, it will not fire a Paintball out of the barrel. They are generally brightly coloured and easily recognisable
Elbow This is used to connect the hopper to the marker
Hopper/Weenie (Hopper is the more commonly used word) This is mounted on top of the marker and is used to feed the Paintballs into it. It holds a number of Paintballs (usually either 100, 200 or 300)
Marker A word used instead of gun to portray a less military image of Paintball
Marshall Referee
Pots These are used to hold additional paintballs and are worn around your waist. Most pots hold around 100 Paintballs
Scabbard Used to hold the squeegee when it's not in use
Squeegee This is used to clear the barrel of a marker (in the case of a chopped Paintball which would leave paint in the barrel etc)

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