.:Tactics - Team Technique:.

The 'Game On' call:

As soon as the 'Game On' signal is given, each of the team's members must go to a pre-designated position on the field, each member should know where all of their team-members are and what they will all be hoping to achieve.


Communication is the most important part of playing as a team; without communication there is no real team. All of the members of the team should communicate as much as possible so that even the person on the left flank knows what is happening on the right flank IYSWIM.


This helps the team identify different areas of the field which helps with communication. This is harder to carry out than it sounds and there are many variations of it that have been adopted/made up by various teams. Basically the team agrees on a certain part of the field being the centre of the field, this is then known as zone 0. The rest of the field is then divided up into 12 different zones (taken from the face of a clock); for example zone 3 would be the right hand side of the field. Other words can be used such as 'turbo', for example; "turbo zone 9" could mean that your team has just been instructed to take over the left hand side of the field in a hurry.

Getting into cover:

If possible, try to make sure that you are covered by at least one of your team members before you attempt to move into/behind cover. If you are aware of an opposition presence that might pose a threat to you reaching your cover, your partner should 'pin the opposition down' (i.e. ensure that he can not shoot at you) by firing a short burst of paintballs into the opposition's area. This should give you enough time to get behind the cover without been shot at.

Eliminating a single opposition player:

Remember that Paintball is all about getting the angle on your opposition and not going into a 'trench warfare' situation where you fight for a few inches of ground. If you have a two on one situation then you and your partner have the advantage. Instead of sticking together, split up so that you advance on your opponent from opposite sides - it is harder for them to defend against 2 separate targets from opposite directions than 2 targets in the same direction.

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