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IMHO, there are two major things that a TEAM has to be good at if they want to progress in Paintball; these are technique and tactics. If your team doesn't have any tactics, then it would be impossible for your team to work efficiently and at its full potential. Then again, if your team's individual players do not have a good technique, then your team will not be able carry out its tactics effectively. If your team has neither tactics or technique then you are in a lot of trouble ;-)

This page deals primarily with the technique of a team and its individual members (BTW, I say 'individual' members because I believe that a good individual player is also a good team player).

What makes a good individual player? Here are some pointers:

The 'Game On' call:

Before the 'Game On' signal has been given, it is essential that each individual player is ready to start the game (i.e. they have taken the barrel bung out of their markers, turned the gas valve on and are both physically and mentally ready). When the signal is given they should then be prepared to get to their pre-designated position as fast as they can - making as little noise as possible. Once they are in their position they should quickly check all around them to ensure that they know exactly where their team-mates are - and also where the opposition is.

Getting into cover:

If there is an enemy presence then you may need to get behind some cover. However, when I see some people do this they may for example get behind a large tree-trunk and immediately think that they are safe. However they may have carelessly left one of their legs/arms sticking out. When you get behind cover you must ensure that both you and your equipment is securely behind it - it only takes one shot for you to be taken out of the game.

Shooting/viewing around your cover:

This is a very basic trick but not thought of by most people. If you are behind cover such as a large tree and want to see if there is anyone in front of you then don't just stick your head out to one side; instead take one step back from your cover and then look round. This gives you a wider view and means that you are also less of a target.

Moving from cover to cover:

Here you have to compromise between the amount of cover fire that you have, the amount of cover between your present location and where you want to get to, and also the distance to your next location. Usually it is OK to just keep low and run to your next point of cover but in some instances you may have to crawl. If you do need to crawl then make sure that you have some support fire and also a line of cover between you and your next location, which will give you some protection if you crawl.

Shooting from behind barricades:

If you shoot from around the side of a barricade (as opposed to over the top of one) you will generally be less of a target to the opposition.


Always use your index (first) finger to pull the trigger.

Squeeze the trigger slowly (don't take snap shots unless you are trying to get them off quickly or you are at a short range).

Always use the sights whenever possible.

Use a stock (or the rear of a bottom lined CO2 bottle) for extra stability when shooting.

Do not purchase any red-dot/laser sites. At a range of 50 meters they are not worth having, in fact they actually decrease your field of view (i.e. give you tunnel-vision) considerably (unless you train yourself to use them with both of your eyes open) - stick with the open-iron sights.

If the opposition has seen you and they are a long way off don't waste your Paintballs by trying to shoot them if you know that they are out of range. Instead either get closer to the opposition or try to 'dig in' and wait for them to come to you (I usually go for the former suggestion as the latter one means that whatever happens - you are stuck in one position with no manoeuvrability).

Always try to get an angle on your opponent so that you have a good, clear shot.

Remember that at a medium to long range, one single accurate shot is often better than a short burst of ten inaccurate shots.

If you have the chance to shoot someone at a very close range, shoot their equipment (i.e. pots/gun etc.) as it is more likely that your Paintballs will burst on them and not bounce off of them.

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