.:Tactics - Strategy - Beginners:.

The most common mistake that a beginner team makes is putting 1/2 to 1/3 of their team in defence. Quite often in Paintball the best form of defence is attack - what good are those players in defence doing if they are not actually doing anything?

Most of the time the majority of strategies won't work for beginners as they won't be stuck to by the entire team; this is why it is often better for novice teams to stick with simple tactics.

The most simple tactic that I can think of is the 'Skirmish Line'. This is where you get your whole team to spread out in a line across the field and then to progress steadily forward towards the opposing team's base.

As a novice team progresses and develops more as a team they can then go on to try more complex strategies, but until the members within a team can work together as a team; no strategy will work as it should.

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