.:Briefing: The Safety and Instruction Talk:.

Just before your first game of Paintball you will be given a talk by one of the marshals. It will cover the following topics (but in more detail):


Before you leave the designated neutral zone you must first put on your face mask. The only time that you may take your face mask off is when you are inside the neutral zone.

Do not climb up trees or on top of buildings - if the enemy sees you, they could send some of their team onto you and could cause you to fall.

No physical contact - it is a non contact game and so clubs, daggers etc. are not allowed ;-)

No drugs/alcohol unless prescribed by your doctor.

If you do have any illness/requirements you should let the marshals know about it at the start of the day.


How to play.


Do not shoot at any wildlife - it has taken them many millennia to gain their natural colour... (BTW, marshals come under the heading of wildlife on the basis that if you shoot them, they will become wild).

Do not pick any paintballs that you find off of the ground - even if they look OK. If they are not stored properly they quickly expand (by taking in water) and go out of shape. Students break this rule more than anybody else because they are always looking for ways to save some money ;-)

You will be shown how to operate your marker.

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