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Yes, I am yet another cyber-junkie addicted to the 'net and all its forms.

I won't detail what I have computer wise as it is always changing. Suffice is to say that I have a 'ninja' self-built PC as a primary PC and a 2nd PC for LINUX stuff, lots of interesting peripherals (joysticks, pedals, sound system, backup storage device, webcam, etc.).

I spend a lot of time on the Internet - for work and hobbies I use it as a valuable source of information and at home I use it to keep my computer up to date with the latest software programs and drivers for my hardware. I do 99% of all of my banking online (UK and France). I also use it as a form of recreation (i.e. games), let's face it playing against the computer is okay - but killing your friends (or even teaming up to kill others) is loads more fun! Plus I do a lot of shopping over the Internet - and have saved loads of dosh!


Home Server

HP MediaSmart Server EX475 running Windows Home Server. This transparently manages all of my PC backups, stores all my media files (music, videos, photographs) and software so I can access them from any device in my house PC, Xbox, PS3, phone, etc. or anywhere on the Internet. I can also power on and access any PC in my house from anywhere on the Internet.

Main PC

Runs Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. It has a full-size tower and is build to run quietly. I use it for work and games and gets upgraded approximately every 2 years.

I have 2 x 22" widescreen monitors (with a 2ms refresh rate) which are very good for gaming, multi-tasking, viewing lots of data and coding

Secondary PC Runs Ubuntu LINUX. It is connected to my TV and I use it just for browsing the web and checking e-mail while I'm in my living room

Portable Devices:

Digital Camera (Compact)

Panasonic DMC-TZ3EB-K. World Smallest Camera With 10x Optical Zoom and 28mm Wide Angle Leica Lens, 7 Megapixel and 3 Inch LCD Screen.

I am very impressed with the quality and features of this camera. It is great to also have a small camera that I can take snowboarding, parties, events, or use in conjunction with a physically larger SLR.

Digital Camera (SLR)

Canon 40D. This fantastic camera and has all the features I need. I also have 2 image established lenses (18-85 and 70-300mm), plus a 75-200mm, x2 converter, flash, monopod, mini-tripod, 2 camera bags and a few other accessories. before this I had the Canon 350D and before that the FujiFilm FinePix 6900

Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 305. A heart rate monitor and watch with GPS. I got this after getting the Polar F6, but it is quite big, so looks a bit too silly to wear in the gym.

Garmin Forerunner 50. A heart rate monitor and watch. Very useful for training and monitoring your progress

Mobile Phone

Personal = HTC TyTn II - has pretty much everything including GPS, 3G, WiFi, Windows Mobile, camera, etc.

MP3 Player

iPod Nano. Good size for the gym. I use it with Sennheiser PMX 70 Sport headphones

I also have the Nike+ system which talks to my Nike+ road running shoes. They measure my speed, distance, running pace, etc. Actually works very well.


SOG. One handed operation. Every boy needs a penknife!

Pocket Tool

Leatherman Supertool. Very handy piece of kit

Speed Camera Detector

Road Angel (I am still happy with this - especially the £100 lifetime subscription, most others are about £50 per year!)


Tissot T-Touch. It has time, date, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass, stopwatch, alarm, touch sensitive screen - and I really bought it just because it looks good (honest!)

Computer Games:


The PC is still my preferred gaming platform

Playstation 3

Playstation 3. After buying a 50" Full HD Plasma TV I wanted a Blue-Ray DVD player. There currently isn't a stand-alone BD player that has all the features I want, so although the PS3 isn't the best for picture quality, it is still very good and does have all of the features I currently need, so I bought one until a decent stand-alone BD player comes out

I plan to get the PS3 to run Ubuntu LINUX from a USB Flash disk. Once I do that I won't need the secondary PC

Xbox 360

Although the PC is still my preferred gaming platform, certain types of games are just better on a console and big TV. For example racing car games



DigiGuide is an excellent TV Listing program. It allows you to create a customised TV listing, enable alerts, highlight favourite programs, etc. Try it for free!


LauraStar Magic Evolution II. Cost me £275. My friends say I was mad to spend that much on an iron, but it's quality!


Laptop IBM Thinkpad Lenovo T60 running Windows XP Professional. Will soon run Vista
Mobile Phone

HTC P4350 - a cut down version of the HTC TyTn II, but okay for checking e-mails while on the move


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