.:Alfa Romeo 156 JTS Turismo:.

Date Owned: May 2006 - Present
Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: 156 JTS Turismo
Engine Size: 2 litre
Registered: 2002, 02 registration
Country of Manufacturer: Italy
Number of Doors: 4

Alfa Romeo 156 with bicycles on the back

Reason for buying - After changing jobs, now working in Milton Keynes and doing very low mileage, I decided to sell the VX220 (which was an excellent car but not suited to short trips or being parked in a public car park). So I wanted a cheap car which would still stand out in the car park but wouldn't need to be garaged every night.

The Alfa is everything that the VX wasn't - the VX was basically go-kart with a big engine and no gadgets. The Alfa is very highly specced, with split cabin climate control, full leather interior, trip computer, loads of airbags (10!), lots of enhanced safety features (e.g. emergency assisted braking). Plus it looks good in the car park and has a good badge.

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