May 1999 November 2005 Barclays Bank PLC
November 2005 Current Deloitte


During my placement year (3rd year) of University I worked for Barclays Bank PLC in Northampton. The first few months of the placement year involved me traveling around the country, installing the SAP software onto PC's in various offices. Then I proved myself more than capable in Windows LAN administration, so I took that over from the two part-time 3rd party staff that did that. I also took on more work, including developing the departments Intranet site from scratch, implementing the SAP ITS (Internet Transaction Servers), etc. It was a busy 12 months, which then ended up being a very busy 15 months!

Having proven myself to the upper management ;-) 6 months into the placement they offered me a job once I had completed my final (4th) year of University. So I completed Uni and went back.

In Barclays I worked in the SAP Centre department (within the technical division of Barclays) as a SAP WAS (Web Application Server) administrator, formally known as BASIS administrator.

I got involved with a lot of projects (both large and small), traveled around the country, met various people within Barclays and 3rd party companies, etc. I spent most of my time designing new solutions to tricky business and technical requirements with tight deadlines. The best bit though was that I got to play about with not just 'leading edge' technology, but usually 'bleeding edge' technology! It was all good fun and meant I didn't have time to get bored :-)

The structure of the Barclays SAP Centre department was changing in late 2005 and there was debate (and confusion) as to whether or not the department was moving to Coventry. So I saw that as a good time to move on. So I went out and got job offers from Capita and Deloitte. I decided to join Deloitte in November 2005 as they are located just 3.5 miles away from my house in Milton Keynes!


Check out this Barclays case study from Esker about their Devliveryware product and how Barclays use it. It has my name in it!

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